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For maximum performance during heavy-duty rotary sanding on plasterboard, stone and old paints. When it comes to removing plasterboard, stone, concrete, old paints and underseal from wood, 1707 siapar has what it takes high performance and long life in heavy-duty applications. . Applications Sanding off of plaster, stone and concrete; Sanding off of paints, old lacquer and floor sealing; Keying of solid wood; Keying of insulating boards. Advantages Ideal for rotary sanding; Fast and safe change of abrasive with siafast hook and loop fastening system; Very high performance and long life in heavy-duty applications. Material additional application: Concrete; Plastics main application: Softwood; Hardwood; Old lacquer; Old paint. bonding Resin over resin. grit standard FEPA P / ISO 6344. Grit type Silicon carbide. Safety recommendation Pay attention to the abrasives safety data sheet available from sia Abrasives; Follow the general FEPA safety recommendations; Use eye and face protection; Use an effective dust extraction unit or wear a fine dust mask. Coating Mechanical closed; P016 – P036; Electrostatic open; P040 – P150. Backing P016 – P036; y-wt cloth, cotton; P040 – P150; f-wt paper
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