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At the touch of a button, this air purifier filters pollutants and allergens from the surrounding air. The device is equipped with a high-quality HEPA-H14 high-performance filter, which eliminates 99.995% of aerosols, particles with bacterial pathogens 0.1µm-0.3µm in size and other particles 0.1µm-10µm in size.
Two UV-C-max C-band LED disinfection lamps irradiate the filter and the air flow to achieve targeted irradiation and disinfection of the air flow and the filter.
The device is suitable for use in rooms up to 100m2 in size; the high volume of air (CADR 900m3/h) guarantees clean and allergen-free air in a few minutes.

Appropriate spare parts:
695105 Replacement filter package
695106 Disinfection lamp UVC

• HEPA 14 filter for clean room quality air
• Built-in activated carbon filter removes gases and odours
• Particle sensor with colour display to show the air quality in the room
• Digital filter status display
• UV-C disinfection
• Easy-control panel with touch display
• Automatic-mode, timer 1-24h, 4-setting fan
• WiFi to control via APP (www.tuya.com)
• High performance for rooms up to 100m2 in size
• 4 castors make it portable
• Easy to install – plug in and go.
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