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Brake cleaner that uses very high pressure for an effective cleaning action. Removes oil, grease, dirt and brake fluid from brake drums, brake discs, brake blocks, brake lines, brake cylinders and coupling parts. It prevents brake squeaking and cleans motors, machines and other parts thoroughly without leaving any residue. No acetone or aromatics, free from chlorinated hydrocarbons; does not affect O-rings and brake hoses. Non-corrosive, non-conductive. Dries very quickly and also removes acids. Can be sprayed from any angle due to a special 360° valve.

Instructions for use: Shake the can well before use. Spray the surfaces to be treated evenly until the contamination has disappeared. Use a paint brush or broom to remove any stubborn dirt. Switch off live parts and electrical equipment before use. Switch this equipment back on again approx. 15 minutes after treatment (the brake cleaner contains flammable solvents).
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