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With non-rotating dial for determining the centres of bores and shafts. Sturdy metal casing suitable for workshop use. Holding rod can be fitted on the left or right. Centre finder can be used vertically and horizontally.

  • Clamping shank Ø 10mm
  • Dial Ø 42 mm
  • Dial indicator-measuring range 3mm, scale graduation 0.01 mm
  • Overall height without contact point 140 mm.
  • Length without shank and probe 118mm

Package contents:
Delivered in own case with centre finder, holding rod, 7 inserts and declaration of conformity.
3 pcs. internal contact point
1 pc. 50 mm (Ø 3.5...Ø 100 mm)
1 pc. 100 mm (Ø 50...Ø 200 mm)
1 pc. 150 mm (Ø 50...Ø 300 mm)
3 pcs. external contact point, curved
1 pc. 50 mm (Ø 0...Ø 100 mm)
1 pc. 100 mm (Ø 0...Ø 200 mm)
1 pc. 150 mm (Ø 0...Ø 300 mm)
1 pc. spring centre punch (centre contact point)

Appropriate spare parts:
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