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SCS Freedom³, with a torque transducer and gyroscope for angle measurement. Suitable for assembly in production, screw joint analysis and for quality control testing. Torque display deviation of ± 0.5% at over 20% of the torque capacity, ± 1.0% at less than 20%, angle accuracy 1° at 90°. Three modes of operation: Laboratory, quality and production. Optional wireless connection (WiFi, Bluetooth or 868 Mhz). Programmable via PC software, automatic tool detection for tightening control and torque/angle correction for special tools. Built-in memory for up to 1000 parameter sets, 20,000 results and curves. Large 2.8" touch screen colour display with complete operator guidance, full traceability with 1D or 2D barcode scanner. Direct curve display on the device (torque/time and torque/angle), statistical process control (Cp-Cpk, X/R curves). Barcode scanner, digital signature, error code management. Supports numerous industrial protocols and meets the requirements of DKD-R 3-7, Class 1. With rechargeable Li-ion battery.

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