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The Elmasolvex® RM is a fully automatic cleaning machine used to clean watch parts and other mechanical precision parts using cleaning fluids, aqueous rinsing fluids or solvent-based cleaning fluids. With innovative features, the Elmasolvex® RM ensures a high degree of cleanliness. It is certified to comply with EU requirements for machine safety and explosion protection for cleaning operations using flammable, solvent-based products.

Product features:

- TÜV-certified explosion protection
- Machine now equipped with 4 chambers and one heating chamber (hot-air technique and fine filter)
- Fully automatic or individually adjustable
- Ergonomic design to facilitate service and maintenance tasks
- Optimum safety for operating personnel thanks to the connection to the air outlet
- Basket holder can hold 3 baskets. Optional: plate holder and suspension rack for plate parts
- Wide range of accessories to meet industry needs
- Rotation and oscillation
- Flashpoint >=23°C
Consisting of:
732610.0500: 4 pieces Jar ELMA 0.6 l
732610.0600: 4 pieces Lid ELMA for jar 0.6 l
732610.0700: 4 pieces Seal ELMA for jar 0.6 l
732610.0800: 4 pieces Wave breaker ELMA for jar 0.6 l
732640.0700: 1 pieces Cover for basket holder ELMA Ø 64 mm
Appropriate accessories:
732610 Accessories for Elmasolvex RM/SE ELMA
732620 Baskets Elmasolvex VA/RM/SE ELMA
732635 Basket holder and movement holder for Elmasolvex VA/RM/SE ELMA
732640 Cover for cleaning basket Elmasolvex VA/RM/SE ELMA
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