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Application: Documentation of damages and similar via recording either live videos or still photos. Live video feed via the TFT colour monitor or direct recording to an SD card 4.9 mm Ø micro lens Switching function viewing direction 90° + 0° Instant replay of video or photos at TFT monitor Show and hide date and time easily Automatic power off to save energy Image Resolution 640 x 480 Pixel Improved connection between probe and housing (metal) adapter for using older probes: 4812-20 One-hand operation 2nd generation probe: Improved illumination with the 90° function Improved illumination power of LED Simplified application Improved quality of the probe coating Included in delivery 1 m probe cable with 4.9 mm Ø micro lens and LED light sources Operating panel Hook with magnet SD card with 4 GB storage capacity 4 x AA batteries Net weight: 2.84 kg Number of tools: 4
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