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For processing of workpieces even in areas with very restricted access For cut-off wheels 76? x ?2.1 ?x ?10 mm Wheel holder: 10 mm Continuous speed regulation on the underside of the device Direction of movement (right/left) on the upper side of the device can be selected for controlling the flying sparks as well as for improving the ergonomic working posture Including 1 cut-off wheel Cold insulated handle Air inlet thread: 12,91 mm (1/4?) Coupler plug: nominal size 7.2 (included) Idle speed: 2000 upm Hose diameter (recommended): 10 mm Working pressure (bar): 6.3 Sound power level: 88 db(A) Lp W Vibration acceleration: 1.80 m/s2 Power in watts: 522 Watt (0.71 PS) Total length: 207 mm Net weight: 0.9 kg Sound pressure level: 88 dB(A) Lp A Revolutions per minute: 2000?-?18000 Air requirement: 114 l/min(1.9 l/sec)
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