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Single-use hygiene masks, non-sterile, three-layer filter medium, does not contain fibreglass, odourless, does not contain latex, triple-folded, bacteria filtering performance of over 98%, with elasticated strap and integrated nose bridge for high wearing comfort, also suitable for spectacle wearers.
Appropriate accessories:
533177.0100 Carrying tool for hygiene masks and mouth protection White
533177.0200 Carrying tool for hygiene masks and mouth protection Colour black

CE Category I
EN 14683:2019 type II R
Box of 50

Protects people and the environment from droplets and other large particles expelled by the wearer when speaking and exhaling. The wearer's face is also protected against splashes of blood and other liquids. Hygiene masks do not provide breathing protection, as neither the filters nor the loose fit can protect against small particles.
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