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SwissMade - 3-year guarantee
Measuring bench with inductive measuring system and integrated digital display. Resistant to dirt and oils, suitable for use both in the workshop and inspection room.
Ball track
Integrated digital display
Adjustable measuring force
SET (setting display to zero)
PRESET (fixed value setting)
Conversion mm/inch
References 1 / 2
Display of tolerance (illuminating diodes)
Resolution adjustable
Multiplication factor adjustable
Automatic switching off modus
Keypad lock
Data output: Proximity / USB / Bluetooth® Smart

Package contents:
Delivered in transport packaging incl. factory certificate.
Model V2: with standard sensor points Ø 1.5 mm (134602.0500).
Model V2-3P: with support table incl. dial gauge and 2 ring gauges.
Model V2 LVS: with anvils thickness 0.4 mm.
Model V2 Goutte: special sensor points Goutte (134602.1100).

Appropriate Measuring Inserts:
134602 Sensor points carbide SYLVAC Type SYLVAC
134604 Sensor points carbide SYLVAC Type CAR
134606 Sensor discs steel SYLVAC

Appropriate accessories:
109145 Accessories SYLVAC
134600 Accessories SYLVAC measuring benches
154290 Software SYLVAC

Appropriate batteries:
1 pieces 155046.4400 - CR2477 / 3.0 V (included in scope of delivery).

To achieve high precision, after the probe tips are changed, their surfaces must be relapped with the lapping device 134600.1000.
Does apply for models 134591.0110...134591.0120.
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