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LABCONCEPT: The calibration system for the laboratory whit functional reliability and simplicity of operation enable to increase productivity.
The device is controlled via PC (manual operation.
A temperature compensation system (measurement of air-temperature, -humidity and -pressure) as well as a test equipment monitoring and management system can be easily integrated.

Measuring range 550/1050/1550/2050 mm
Repeatability 0.1 µm
Accuracy 0.3+L(mm)/1500 (20 ±0.2°C / 50 ±5% rF)

Measuring range 370/550/1050 mm
Repeatability 0.05 µm
Accuracy 0.15+L(mm)/2000 (20 ±0.2°C / 50 ±5% rF)

Measuring force adjustable 0...12 N
PC with WINDHI software
Rigid machine base
Direct measurement over the entire measuring range
Extensive range of accessories

Consulting is required for this product!
Consult us so that we can provide a proposal suitable to the requirement of your application.

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