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Fast entry
The professional and inexpensive ENTRY LEVEL SOLUTION meets every requisite customer need in the tool and material measurement field.

  • Imaging with EyeRay┬« software Hawk

  • Continuous fine adjustment in X- and Z-axis

  • Fast focussing of the tool's cutting edge

  • CMOS digital camera with telecentric lens

  • High concentricity thanks to the needle bearing

  • Maximum repeat measurement accuracy

  • All in One PC with touchscreen 15.6"

  • Integrated ISO50 or ISO40 adapter

  • Stabilised cast iron base

Appropriate accessories:
338030.1100 Adjusting mandrel SK50 (in wood box) 50 x 330 mm
338030.1200 Reducer SK50: SK40 Reducer SK50: SK40
338030.1300 Reducer SK50: HSK-A50 Reducer SK50: HSK-A50
338030.1400 Reducer SK50: HSK-A63 Reducer SK50: HSK-A63
338030.1500 Reducer SK50: Capto C5 Reducer SK50: Capto C5
338030.1600 Reducer SK50: Capto C6 Reducer SK50: Capto C6
338030.5000 Lablels LW11355 DYMO 51 x 19mm (500)
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