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Loosening torque max.: 461 Nm Exhaust air is guided through the handle downwards Reduced vibrations Easy handling Extra short - only 92 mm Cold insulated handle Jumbo hammer striking mechanism Air inlet thread: 12,91 mm (1/4?) Coupler plug: nominal size 7.2 (included) Recommended torque: 375 Nm Hose diameter (recommended): 10 mm Working pressure (bar): 6.3 Sound power level: 101.3 db(A) Lp W Vibration acceleration: 7.78 m/s2 Screw size M: 13 Forward and reverse: three-stage (forward), single-stage (reverse) Extremely compact construction enables working in areas with restricted access One-hand operation for right and left handed operators Output: Square, solid 10 mm (3/8 inch) Net weight: 1.24 kg Tightening torque max.: 461 Nm Loosening torque max.: 461 Nm Sound pressure level: 90.3 dB(A) Lp A Revolutions per minute: 6500 Air requirement: 85.2 l/min(1.4 l/sec)
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