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HAZET Safety-Insert-System (SIS) Safety-Insert-System, 2-component soft foam insert. Insert also suitable for HAZET Assistent Total length: 342 mm Output: Outside 12-point traction profile Width: 172 mm Net weight: 0.87 kg Order system size: 1/3 (342 x 172 mm) / SmartCase L HAZET Safety-Insert-System (SIS) Perfect order system - all tools are snugly embedded Fast, integrated completeness check - missing tools are noticed immediately Unlimited combination options Suitable for all HAZET tool trolleys Assistent with drawers For tool trolleys Assistent 173, 179 (XL-XXL) and 180, we recommend usage of the soft foam inserts 163-522x40 or 163-522x50 Number of tools: 6
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