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Loading capacity at least twice as high as DIN At least 25 % longer than comparable standard spanners for larger power transmission Better accessibility with low-lying screw connections Shank with extra sturdy double-T-profile slim design Surface: chrome-plated Made in Germany Wrench size: 10 Total length: 210 mm Output: Outside 12-point traction profile Higher torque due to the long lever means: More power - less force - Higher torque with the same effort - Less effort at the same torque due to long lever arm High HAZET competence in the development and production of spanners for over 100 years Drop forged in dies developed and produced by HAZET High quality in development, production, and the materials used in all HAZET spanners offer the user the greatest possible security and protection from injury, which means: before a HAZET wrench breaks at all, it warps and “signals” the significant overload to the user!
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