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High-pressure boosters (pressure intensifiers) SIGMA ELECTRONIC are Swiss Made proprietary high performance models that guarantee quality, reliability and durability. They are used to intensify the pressure of a compressed air network or of a local compressor in order to supply SIGMA high-pressure water resistance testers or any other equipment requiring high pressure.

Optimised for use with the SM-8850 & SM-8850E series high-pressure water resistance testers, they are available with different multiplication ratios to better meet individual needs, either in stand-alone version or controlled by the water resistance tester. In order to provide the very high pressure required for the 50 bar machine, a very high-pressure version with input pressure up to 20 bar and output pressure up to 55 bar is also available.

The high-pressure stand-alone boosters provide a permanent high-pressure output by automatically activating as soon as a flow is required.

Pressure gauges for input pressure
Pressure gauges for output pressure
Quick-release pressure input coupler, ISO 6150C
Quick-release self-locking pressure output coupler, ISO 6150C
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