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Stahlwille 730 Quick/735/4, optimal set for covering torque ranges from 8–200 Nm. With fine-toothed ratchet inserts 3/8" and 1/2" in robust plastic box. The Stahlwille 730 Quick is ergonomic and comfortable; improved accessibility and operation of the clamping lever recessed in the handle. Clockwise and counter-clockwise tightening by turning over the insert tools. Optimised ball handle for fatigue-free work. The design with opposite, V-shaped mounts and integrated magnifier allows settings to be adjusted quickly and accurately – even from an awkward angle. No need for manual reset to zero, since the measuring element is only under load while force is being applied. A stop signal which can be clearly heard and felt is automatically given when the correct torque is reached. Accuracy of ±4% in accordance with DIN/ISO 6789, with factory test certificate. Robust design, rapid adjustment of torque with slider and locking button.

1 torque wrench series 730 Quick, 8–40 Nm
1 torque wrench series 730 Quick, 40–200 Nm
1 fine-toothed ratchet insert, 3/8", 60 teeth, working angle 6°
1 fine-toothed ratchet insert, 1/2", 60 teeth, working angle 6°
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