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Non-slip HAZET 3-component handle - allows high power transmission Round blade Wrench size: T?10?H Total length: 179 mm Length l1: 80 mm Output: Tamper-resistant TORX profile Net weight: 0.06 kg 3-component handle, designed in cooperation with leading German work scientists: - component 1 (hard): optimal blade fixation - component 2 (hard): stability against impacts - component 3 (soft): protection against slipping-off at axial contact pressure Anatomically shaped for perfect coupling between hand and screwdriver Recessed hexagon at the front of the handle: - optimized protection against slipping-off - prevents the screwdriver from unintended sliding-off Non-slipping even with greasy hands Well-sized spinning area Resistant against petrol, acid, Skydrol, brake fluid, etc. With grey tips for optimal protection against corrosion and perfect hold of the blade in the screw head
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