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Being comfortable while working is essential for you to be able to perform precise work under optimal conditions.
This workbench has all the advantages of a traditional workbench, with a large work surface featuring a groove for holding parts around the edge. The angled armrests ensure proper arm support, allowing for maximum comfort and precision while working.
The work surface is extremely stable thanks to its rigid structure and anti-slip feet, no matter what surface it is placed on (table, desk, workbench etc.). Ideally this workbench should be used in combination with a pneumatic chair, so that the seat can be set to the optimum height for ergonomics and comfort.

Its foldability and ease-of-transport are its greatest assets. In just seconds, the whole workstation can be transformed into a compact assembly which can be placed in its carrying bag.

Highly versatile, it can transform a meeting room into a classroom, an industrial workshop into a watchmaker's workshop, or even turn a student's desk into a teaching space. Once folded, the workbench can be stored and is ready to use when needed. It can be easily transported on foot or in the boot of a vehicle thanks to its light weight and carrying bag.

Custom finishes and dimensions are available.
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