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The SM-8850E series of water resistance testers are new developments equipped with a high-performance measuring system, a bar stock measuring chamber optimised for high pressure, mounted in a robust all-metal frame. With state-of-the-art performance offering 0.01 µm resolution, and two new quick leak detection algorithms, the accuracy of these machines is exceptional with better and faster detection of even very small leaks.

With the aim of quick and even earlier detection of any leaks, new algorithms have been developed that take full advantage of this resolution. In combination with a re-worked and configurable controlled compressed air evacuation procedure (pulsed removal of compressed air), these testers drastically reduce the risk of a non-water resistant watch having its watch glass ejected.

These new features, available as options, enable leak detection algorithms to be selected and leak tolerances to be calculated, as well as allowing the selection of stabilisation time options and the operating mode of the controlled compressed air evacuation procedure. In addition, a new feature allows measurement data to be sent to a computer for analysis and/or a graphical presentation of the results.

Available for test pressures ranging from 10 to 50 bar, its bar stock pressurisation chamber developed specifically for high pressure guarantees even more safety, while the optimised volume of only 0.5 litres significantly extends the useful life of the compressors. The large dimensions of its chamber allow the testing of watches up to 35 mm thick, up to 79 mm wide and up to 104 mm long. High-performance Swiss Made proprietary products guarantee quality, reliability and durability.

Not available until June 2023.

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