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The all-round sanding belt for unalloyed steel and non-ferrous metals. As a specialist product designed for dry sanding with high removal rates as well as excellent edge stability and tear resistance, 2820 siamet is suitable for a wide variety of jobs ranging from removal of rust or paint to welding preparation – whether on unalloyed steels or non-ferrous metals.. Applications Removal of paint; Removal of rust; Weld preparation; Removing discolouration; Sanding down; Surface finishing; Deburring; Smoothing and blending of flaws. Advantages High edge stability, high initial tearing resistance; High performance for all metals; Aggressive cut. Material main application: Unalloyed / low-alloy steel; Non-ferrous metal. bonding Resin over resin. Grit type Zirconia alumina. cut Dry applications; Main application; Main application; Wet sanding. Safety recommendation Pay attention to the abrasives safety data sheet available from sia Abrasives; Follow the general FEPA safety recommendations; Use eye and face protection; Use an effective dust extraction unit or wear a fine dust mask. Special coating Cooling top coat. Coating Closed. Backing y-wt cloth
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