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The flexible all-round product for manual sanding. An all-purpose product for applications ranging from rust and paint removal through to structuring and final sanding, 2915 siarol achieves high flexibility when sanding contours, curves and profiles, and can be folded or cut to any size for perfect surface quality.. Applications Removing rust and paint; Removing discolouration; Surface finishing; Deburring; Smoothing and blending of flaws; Structuring and final sanding. Advantages Highly adaptable to contours, curves and profiles; Excellent surface quality; Can be folded and cut to any desired format. Material main application: Unalloyed / low-alloy steel; High alloyed steel; Non-ferrous metal. bonding Resin over resin. grit standard FEPA P / ISO 6344. Grit type Aluminium oxide. cut Dry applications; Main application; Main application; Wet sanding. Safety recommendation Pay attention to the abrasives safety data sheet available from sia Abrasives; Follow the general FEPA safety recommendations; Use eye and face protection; Use an effective dust extraction unit or wear a fine dust mask. Coating Closed. Backing j-wt cloth
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