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With high power output for finishing cast iron and stone. The silicon carbide fibre discs of the special 4700 siaral 8 series ensure high stock removal rates in coarse to fine sanding applications and are ideal for a variety of applications involving hard to grind metals as well as stone.. Applications Sanding down; Surface finishing; Smoothing and blending of flaws; Deburring; Structuring and final sanding. Advantages High performance for stock removal; Firm fibre backing; Wide range of grits available for coarse to fine grinding. bonding Resin over resin. grit standard FEPA P / ISO 6344. Grit type Silicon carbide. cut Dry applications. Safety recommendation Pay attention to the abrasives safety data sheet available from sia Abrasives; Follow the general FEPA safety recommendations; Use eye and face protection; Use an effective dust extraction unit or wear a fine dust mask. Coating Closed. Backing Fibre
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