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Series 552 - ABSOLUTE Digimatic caliper gauge in extremely lightweight design. A weight saving of up to 50% has been achieved through a compound construction (carbon fibre-reinforced material). With OFFSET function for direct readout of internal measurements.

109390.0100...109390.0500: Standard
109390.1100...109390.1200: with ceramic jaws
109390.2100...109390.2500: with extra long jaws
109390.3100...109390.3500: for interchangeable jaws

LCD display
ABSOLUTEā„¢ system
ORIGIN (ABS zero point)
PRESET (fixed value setting)
Automatic shutdown
Data output Digimatic

Scope of delivery:
Delivered in own case.

Appropriate batteries:
1 pieces 155050.0900 - SR44 (357/303) / 1.55 V (included in scope of delivery).
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Range Resolution Range inside from Measuring jaw length
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