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Clamping shaft and measuring pins of rust-resistant and hardened steel.

122250.0100: Standard
122250.0200: Impact-resistant
122250.0210: Impact-resistant, protection class IP54
122250.0700: Standard
122250.0900: Impact-resistant
122250.1000: Standard
122250.1100: Impact-resistant
122250.1110: Impact-resistant, protection class IP54

Precision cogged gears and pinions
Adjustable tolerance markers
Chrome-plated housing

Package contents:
Delivered in transport packaging.

Appropriate Measuring Inserts:
124008 Measuring inserts M2.5 FUTURO
124010 Measuring inserts M2.5
710140 Measuring insert for comparator M 2.5 VOH
735820 Polymer dial gauge feeler TECHNIWATCH
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