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Facom E.306A, for clockwise and anti-clockwise tightening, very easy operation, self-testing and zero setting upon switch-on, accuracy ±2%, ±1 digit (20% - 100% of the measuring range), 9 torque values can be preset, memory for 250 values, with USB connection, visual light and audible signal (LED and beeper), LEDs remain visible even where access is difficult; measuring mode: peak or tracking. Scope of delivery: interchangeable reversible ratchet, batteries, software and data cable, factory test certificate to ISO 6789, in plastic case.

Appropriate accessories:
431600 Ratchet insert STAHLWILLE
431610 Bit ratchet insert STAHLWILLE
431613 Bit holder insert STAHLWILLE
431620 Open-end insert STAHLWILLE
431630 Open-end insert STAHLWILLE
431637 Open ring insert STAHLWILLE
431640 Ring-end insert STAHLWILLE
431650 Ring-end insert STAHLWILLE
431660 Square insert STAHLWILLE
431680 Weld-on insert STAHLWILLE
431682 Adapter insert STAHLWILLE
431683 Adapter insert STAHLWILLE

Appropriate spare parts:
431600 Ratchet insert STAHLWILLE
Appropriate batteries:
2 pieces 155050.0300 - LR6 / 1.5 V (Mignon / AA) (included in scope of delivery).
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