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Stahlwille Sensotork® 701, electronic indicating torque wrench with integrated fine-toothed ratchet. Very slim and compact design for small torques from 1 Nm. Measurement not affected by the position from which force is applied. Measurement units: Nm, cNm, ft/lb, in/lb. Display variance ± 4%. Various additional functions can be performed with the Sensomaster 4 software, such as adjusting torque, setting torque evaluation and adjusting the calibration interval. Calibrated with Stahlwille perfectControl calibration device 7794 or calibration system 7706. Can be readjusted without dismantling. Supplied with certificate and lithium battery 3.6 V, Type LS14500.
The Sensomaster 4 software is available free from www.stahlwille.de/sensomaster after registration
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