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Elmadry TD: After being cleaned in the ultrasonic bath, the cleaned part is first rinsed in the basket with running water and then immersed in a bath of fully de-mineralised water or distilled water. (Necessary to avoid drying stains) The cleaned part can also be rinsed with de-mineralised water via a wash bottle.
The basket is then put into the hot-air dryer; once the cover is in place, the hot air is activated. The cover features a ventilation slot to generate maximum air turbulence. Moist air is conducted to the outside. The cover also reduces energy consumption. The replaceable dust filter prevents parts from being re-contaminated as a result of dust in the ambient air.
To quickly cool the dried part, the unit can be switched to cold-air mode.
Appropriate accessories:
552375 Insert basket Elmasonic
732600 Silicone mat ELMA
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