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The Elmasteam 8 basic is ideal for all pre-cleaning and final cleaning operations in the jewellery and watch industry as well as in workshops. The stainless steel surface of the unit is easy to clean.
The pressure reservoir can easily be filled via the filler neck, fixed water connection or container. The fill level display shows the optimal fill level and when the unit is empty.
The unit alerts you if descaling is required. Descaling is easy thanks to an integrated programme which guides the user during the operation.
The Elmasteam is easy to use: all functions are selected and activated via the push button/rotary knob.
If the unit automatically switches to Eco mode, the working pressure drops to 3 bar. Lock mode for breaks; the flexible nozzle and pedal are disabled.
Scope of delivery: tweezers; sieve; maintenance hose; cleaning kit; screw-on safety cap with 3 spare seals; test strip

Product specifications:

- 3-year warranty
- A choice of 2 pressure ranges for specific use of 4 to 6 bar (soft) or 6 to 8 bar (strong); can be adjusted in increments of 0.5 bar
- Continuous steam availability thanks to high heating power
- Regulator for wet and dry steam (optional)
- Compressed air (optional)
- Optimal for use in confined spaces
- Choice of model with fixed and/or flexible nozzle
- TÜV-approved safety equipment and devices according to DIN EN 61010-1
- No external water connection required for manual filling
- Pump (optional) for filling via the fixed water connection or the specific Elma container
- Safety device for the pump with signal to indicate when pumping is no longer possible
- Intelligent pump control to prevent work stoppages due to filling cycles
- Automatic Eco mode for environmental protection as well as energy and cost savings
- Adjustable locking mode for greater user safety
- Clear display for easy and continuous control of the operating status
- Descaling display and simple user guide for descaling the unit. Easy to use: simply rotate and press the button
Appropriate accessories:
552260 Accessories
732700 Accessories for Elmasteam 4.5 and 8 basic ELMA
LT001002287 Plastic Tweezers
Our recommendations
Designation Voltage Mains frequency Max. power consumption 220-240V
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