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The pressure medium is commercially available, environment-friendly nitrogen. FIBRO gas springs have a standard charge pressure of max. 150 bar (180 bar). Depending on spring size and type, this pressure offers initial force ratings of 30 daN to 18300 daN.
Pressure build-up
In operation the piston rod enters the spring space, reducing its volume progressively according to the length of the stroke. The resulting pressure rise is plotted on the spring variable diagram as a multiplication factor. The final force is therefore the product of the initial spring force times that pressure-rise factor.
Working temperature
The working temperature should not exceed +80°C.
Variable charge pressure
Varying the charge pressure allows variation of the spring force, which is plotted on the spring variable diagram.
Recommendations for installation
FIBRO gas springs work in any position. Whether or not external forces act on them when at rest is of no consequence.
FIBRO gas springs are designed for maintenance-free continuous operation. It is recommended to oil the piston rod lightly before use. Guide and sealing elements can be replaced easily and quickly. They are available as a kit. Each kit comes with detailed instructions for maintenance of gas springs.
Gas springs must be charged with commercially available nitrogen gas only.
Gas springs 170 daN and 320 daN cannot be repaired.
Our recommendations
Initial spring force Stroke max. Filling pressure
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