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Magnomaster – the only device powerful enough to demagnetise the movement directly inside the case. As with the Magnomatic, the Magnomaster simultaneously demagnetises from both sides. This ensures complete demagnetisation of the watch. The special Greiner demagnetisation process makes it almost impossible to operate the device incorrectly, as can be the case with "tunnel" devices.

Larger area (58 mm) for XL watches
More powerful demagnetisation effect due to new electronic components
The electronic process makes it impossible to operate the device incorrectly
Optical indication (green light) to remove the watch
The wrist strap holder prevents scratches on the back of the watch
The soft mat prevents scratches on the surface of the watch
Power switch to save energy
A model suitable for a 115-V to 230-V power supply

Scope of delivery: power cable included
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