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SwissMade - 2-year guarantee
This optical video measuring system is designed for the measurement of flat and turned parts and can be used both in the workshop and in the laboratory. The robust granite construction, which guarantees rigidity and stability, is the basis of the high-precision measuring system. The easy to use, ergonomic and intuitive software SYLVAC REFLEX Vista enables efficient working.

152672.0100: SYLVAC VISIO 200 V3 with manual zoom (4x)
152672.0110: SYLVAC VISIO 200 V3 with motorized zoom (6x)
152672.0200: SYLVAC VISIO 300 V3 with motorized zoom (6x)

  • 2.3 MP Full HD CMOS Camera
  • Zoom: manual 4x / motorized 6x
  • LED lighting
  • Episcopic lighting (segmented ring light)
  • Episcopic lighting (coaxial light)
  • Diascopic lighting (illumination from below)
  • Z" measurement (fine adjustment)
  • Manual board

Features Software:
  • Simple operation
  • Ergonomic user interface
  • Various selectable languages
  • Linear compensation in the 3 axes
  • Automatic measurement of circles and straight lines
  • Semi-automatic execution of programs
  • Creation of test reports

Training is required for this measurement instrument in order to be able to operate efficiently and safely from the very beginning. For further information, please ask for advice.

Package contents:
Measuring system according to technical specification
SYLVAC REFLEX Vista Software multilingual and CAD compare
Operating system Windows 10 multilingual
Computer with mouse, keyboard and 23.8" touch screen
Certificate of conformity
User Manual
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Type Measuring volume (X/Y/Z) Resolution Measuring table surface (X/Y)
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