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Indexable - in 15° steps, manually controlled sensor head, with integrated turn-swivel pin, for optimal adjustment of sensor direction.
The integrated TP20 sensor mounting is attached to the A-axis and can be adjusted by 90° in the Z-plane.
he B-axis can be adjusted by ±180° in the X-Y plane.

Once the axes are clamped, the sensor head is fixed precisely in 3 dimensions by means of the kinematic bearing. Time-consuming re-calibration work is not required when the TP20 modules are used.

Adjustments: range A-axis 0°...90°; range B-axis ±180°
Mounting shaft MS
Cable connection, 5-pin. DIN socket
Probe extension max. 75 mm (with EM2 module)
Exchangeable module mount Kinematic TP20
Thread of TP20 module M2
Weight of head without column 210 g
Shaft Ø 9.512 mm

Repeatability of sensor position:
1.5 µm: TP20 module with 10 mm sensor element
2.5 µm: EM2 extension module with 10 mm sensor element

When ordering, specify the mounting column precisely.
Subsequent replacement is not possible.

Package contents:
Delivered with TP20-MF module, key, cleaning kit, without M2 stylus, without probe head cable.

Appropriate accessories:
Modules TP20 145270
Probe head cable 145300.0100
Styli M2 145400...145710
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