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SURFTEST SJ-500 measuring instrument for simple and accurate measurement of surface roughness. Datum plane system (inductive) for measuring primary profiles, roughness profiles, waviness profiles and more. The built-in joystick enables quick and easy positioning. The manual adjustment knob allows you finely position the stylus, for example when measuring the inside surface of small holes. The probe system can be displaced to the side by 90°, making it ideal for measuring crankshafts or narrow spaces in transverse scanning.

User-friendly 7.5'' LCD touch panel (colour)
Graphical representation of the profile
Integrated thermal printer
Tilt compensation
Analysis of levels and straightness
Automatic compensation for radius/tilt/circle/ellipsis
Evaluation of tolerances (colour)
Statistics function (max./min./standard deviation, etc.)
Can be adjusted to any measurement length
Auto-calibration function
16 languages, password protection,

Some parameters:
Ra, Rq, Ry, Rz, Rq, Rt, R3z, Wte (45 in total)

Filter: 2CR75, PC75, Gauss, RobustSpline

Data output:
RS-232C, Digimatic, USB

We recommend training for this product!
For further technical information, please request a special brochure or consultation.

Scope of delivery:
Device with integrated thermal printer, feed unit with standard buttons, mains adapter/batteries, carry case.
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