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SNL plummer block, series 5 and 6
The 2-piece SNL housings made of cast iron GG20 are designed according to the modular system. This makes for the free selection of the bearing, the seal and the means of lubrication.
By combining the housings with different standard seals a wide variety of housing variants with which the majority of all requirements of plummer blocks for shaft diameters ranging from 20 to 160 mm can be accommodated. They have two elongated attachment bolt holes in the base as standard, which make for a subsequent alignment of the housing.
SNL plummer blocks are designed for installing self-aligning ball bearings or spherical roller bearings that can be installed with adapter sleeves on smooth shafts. Locating bearing arrangements are obtained by inserting two identical locating rings on both sides of the bearing. On fixed bearings this always results in a concentric bearing seat. Matching seals of the TSN series, end covers and locating rings must be ordered separately. Suited for self-aligning ball bearings of the 12, 13, 22, 23 series and spherical roller bearings of the 222 and 223 series
Main dimensions: DIN 736:1984 / DIN739:1984 / ISO 113:1999
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