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With the PB 9318.A DigiTorque V02, sensitive materials such as aluminium, carbon or Plexiglas can be screwed gently and non-destructively. The high-precision release mechanism can be adjusted very precisely and easily via the rotating cap at the end of the handle, without the need for any auxiliary tools.

When recalibrating with a tester, a button function allows you to easily enter the torque values for the calibration. It’s even easier with a mobile phone (Android). This allows you to not only transfer the torque values, but also read in and read out other useful device information.

• For screwdriving with repeatable tightening torque (certified +/- 6%)
• For interchangeable blades PB 53, torque range 10–50 cNm
• Interchangeable blades with precise tips, optimum fit in the screws
• Adapted smaller handle size for the low torques, perfect handling for comfortable working
• Electronics with NFC interface, simplified adjustment with NFC or button function
• Automatic triggering, supported by audible and palpable click
• Rotating cap with digital display, easily adjustable without auxiliary tools
• Replaceable battery, type CR1/3N 3 volt lithium
• Warranty for torque handles, 3 years from date of purchase for manufacturing and material defects
• Calibration, if necessary, adjustment recommended after 5000 clicks or annually
• Calibration via accredited test laboratory or manufacturer recommended
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