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TLS for cleanrooms, manufactured according to class 100 cleanroom requirements, suitable wherever contamination must be excluded (computer assembly, aerospace, medical-pharmaceutical production, printed circuits, optical and solar products, biotechnology, etc.); stainless, specially sealed, micro-filtered internal lubricant; without scale, setting on a torque tester; triggers gently and completely, overtightening not possible; clockwise and anticlockwise triggering, repeatability ±6% according to DIN/ISO 6789:1992, with factory test certificate.

Appropriate accessories:
439407 Driver insert bit WERA STAINLESS
439410 Screwdriver bit WERA STAINLESS
439414 Phillips bit WERA STAINLESS
439418 Pozidrive bit WERA STAINLESS
439422 Hexagon bit WERA STAINLESS
439441 Bit for hex socket screws WERA STAINLESS
439442 TORX®-blade with bore hole WERA STAINLESS

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Working range Hexagon socket Length
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