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Petitpierre screwdrivers are intended for use in various areas including microtechnique, electronics, watchmaking etc. The screwdrivers all have a graduated scale, an accuracy of ±5% of the value used and a test certificate. Torque screwdrivers TSE-11 to 51 are supplied without a quick-release chuck adapter, quick-release chuck reduction sleeve or STD identification ring. These accessories must be ordered separately.

All screwdrivers are supplied in a 80 x 110 mm box with a torque adjustment key and stop screw bit STD.
Appropriate accessories:
431900 Reducing sleeve STD PETITPIERRE
431902 Reducing sleeve ACR PETITPIERRE
431904 Quick-change adapter ACR PETITPIERRE
431908 Head identification ring TSE-STD PETITPIERRE
431909 Identification ring quick-release chuck PETITPIERRE
431910 Slotted screw blade PETITPIERRE
431912 Accessories PETITPIERRE
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