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NORBAR Slimline (SL), automatic actuation with audible signal. Long scale, graduated in Nm and lbf-in/lbf-ft, allows error-free and precise setting; ergonomic plastic handle, tried-and-tested mechanism with long service life. With plug connection for mounting insert tools, accuracy ±4% of the scale value, with declaration of conformity in accordance with DIN EN ISO 6789-1:2017.
Supplied without insert tool.

Appropriate accessories:
431600 Ratchet insert STAHLWILLE
431602 Ratchet insert STAHLWILLE 725QR
431610 Bit ratchet insert STAHLWILLE
431613 Bit holder insert STAHLWILLE
431620 Open-end insert STAHLWILLE
431637 Open ring insert STAHLWILLE
431640 Ring-end insert STAHLWILLE
431660 Square insert STAHLWILLE
431680 Weld-on insert STAHLWILLE
431682 Adapter insert STAHLWILLE

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