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Stahlwille 730 N, for clockwise and anticlockwise tightening. Can easily be heard and felt when it triggers; accuracy ±3% according to DIN/ISO 6789, with factory test certificate. Rugged construction, quick setting of torque with QuickSelect; pulling out and turning the setting button sets the torque and then locks it in. The measuring element is only under load when tightening, no need for manual reset to zero.
Adapter tools NOT included.

Appropriate accessories:
431600 Ratchet insert STAHLWILLE
431602 Ratchet insert STAHLWILLE 725QR
431610 Bit ratchet insert STAHLWILLE
431613 Bit holder insert STAHLWILLE
431620 Open-end insert STAHLWILLE
431630 Open-end insert STAHLWILLE
431636 Open ended insert STAHLWILLE
431637 Open ring insert STAHLWILLE
431640 Ring-end insert STAHLWILLE
431650 Ring-end insert STAHLWILLE
431656 Ring insert STAHLWILLE 732/100
431660 Square insert STAHLWILLE
431680 Weld-on insert STAHLWILLE
431682 Adapter insert STAHLWILLE
431683 Adapter insert STAHLWILLE
LT000055662 Insertion tool No. 737/100
LT000055675 Adaptor No. 7370/100
LT000057049 Ratchet insert fine tooth ratchet No. 735/65
LT000057057 Ratchet insert tool No. 735/100
LT000057064 Square drive insert tool No. 734/100

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