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REGINE tweezers: the best tweezers for professional watchmakers.
For assembling mechanical watch movements and watch components.

Our special cobalt steel (Cobasteel) is strength and toughness combined.
It is more resistant than the best stainless steel.
The tips are very wear-resistant and maintain the same degree of elasticity throughout their service life, giving them unmatched durability.

- 100% non-magnetic (not affected by magnetic fields)
- 100% corrosion-resistant
- Resistant to high temperatures 550°C
- Hardness of approximately 720 Vickers
- 63/64 Rockwell C at the ends
- Composed of: carbon (C), chromium (Cr), molybdenum (Mo), manganese (Mn), cobalt (Co), nickel (Ni) and silicon (Si)
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