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The Elmasolvex® VA is a fully automatic cleaning machine for cleaning mechanical precision parts. These are mainly small watch parts (wheels, balance wheels, springs or cases) as produced in the watch industry. With the integration of vacuum technology and all the explosion-proof safety devices required by TÜV and European standards, the Elmasolvex® VA offers autonomous intrinsic explosion protection. With the safety devices integrated into the machine and provided that the unit is used as intended in accordance with the specifications, there is no risk of a fire or explosion occurring. Using ultrasound technology with a vacuum system is no longer an impossibility today; in fact, it has been developed on the basis of tried-and-tested technology that has been approved for use. The checks carried out by German testing body "TÜV" and the certification label awarded confirm that the requirements for obtaining EC certification have been met.

Product features:

- The new quality standard for cleaning watch movements with flammable solvents
- Solvent-based cleaning for watch movements, certified explosion protection (TÜV/Rheinland)
- No harmful vapours or unpleasant odours due to the air outlet or an independent filtration system
- Vacuum technology to access hard-to-reach places – also eliminates air bubbles in movements
- Cleaning and rinsing tasks managed via rotation and oscillation procedures and supported by multi-frequency technology
- Fully rotating machine for easy access to containers and connectors
- Easy to replace and rinse containers. Integrated particle filter to increase the durability of cleaning and rinsing solutions
- Wide range of accessories to meet the needs of the sector
- Maximum cleanliness with the removal of annoying air bubbles
- High level of explosion protection thanks to the safety devices integrated into the machine
- Ultrasonic/vacuum with solvents, rotation and oscillation device.
- Certified explosion protection for flammable solvents with a flashpoint of > at 12°C
Consisting of:
732630.0500: 4 pieces Liquid container ELMA 2.5 l
732635.0600: 1 pieces Basket holder ELMA Ø 80 mm
Appropriate accessories:
732620 Baskets Elmasolvex VA/RM/SE ELMA
732630 Accessories for Elmasolvex VA ELMA
732635 Basket holder and movement holder for Elmasolvex VA/RM/SE ELMA
732640 Cover for cleaning basket Elmasolvex VA/RM/SE ELMA
732645 Set of cleaning baskets for Elmasolvex VA/RM/SE ELMA
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