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The LABCONCEPT Nano is a new reference in the field of dimensional metrology. It integrates 40 years of knowledge and continuous improvement. It is a remarkable instrument for all measuring tasks that require extremely high accuracy.

The uncompromising design of the LABCONCEPT Nano offers an ideal and performing platform for checking and calibration of all kinds of gauges and measuring instruments. Checking of internal and external dimensions will be done as a fully automatic procedure by the three motorized axes XYZ and the legendary simplicity of use of Trimos WinDHI software.

The LABCONCEPT Nano is completely designed and manufactured in Switzerland according to the highest quality standards.

Application range 350 / 600 / 1100 mm
Absolute measuring range 350 mm on all models
Repeatability 0.03 µm
Accuracy 0.07+L(mm)/2000 (20 ±0.2°C / 50 ±5% RH)
Measuring pressure 0...12 N
Motorised measuring axes
Speed control by software
Motorised measuring table CNC
Y- / X-axes with integrated measuring system
Measuring slide measuring pressure and locking by software
Integrated temperature compensation
Two display screens as standard
CNC controlled measurement also for diameter and thread
Measurement of parts up to 60 kg

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