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SwissMade - 2-year guarantee
The ideal measuring bench for testing small dimensions for external and internal measurements. For example, for measuring precision parts, plug gauges, gauge rings and thread gauge plugs. Support table with hard chrome-plated and ground table surfaces which are height-adjustable.

Receptacle borehole Ø 12 mm for transducer
Simple operation - shop-suitable
Adjustable measuring pressure
Adjustable reference trestle
Replaceable sensor points for external measurement
Replaceable sensor points for internal measurement

This measuring bench must be equipped with a dial gauge or a touch probe with display unit, according to requirement.
Consult us so that we can provide a proposal suitable to the requirement of your application.

Package contents:
Delivered in transport packaging incl. standard sensor points Ø 6.5 mm for external measurements, standard sensor points Ø 4.5 mm for internal measurements, transducer not included (dial gauge/touch probe)

Appropriate accessories:
Digital displays and touch probes 131560... 131710
Dial gauges starting from 121450
Accessories 135110

*Resolution depends on the measuring element
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