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SwissMade - 2-year guarantee
The versatile measuring bench for external and internal measurements. Suitable for measuring precision parts, plug gauges, gauge rings, thread gauge plugs, lever dial gauges and dial gauges. Due to its small size, the THV can be easily moved. It is therefore often used as a mobile calibration station. The instrument can be inclined on a adjustable base (optional) to 90° according to the needs of the application.

Integrated HEIDENHAIN scale
Aasy operation - suitable for use in workshop
Measuring force adjustable 0...4 N
Replaceable probe tips for external measurement
Replaceable probe tips for internal measurement
Extensive range of accessories (optional)

depending on the requirement, this measuring bench must be equipped with display units:
- PC with TRIMOS-WinDHI software
- Display unit METRO M3 2x connection HEIDENHAIN 1Vpp (TRIMOS-specific configuration)

Consult us so that we can provide a proposal suitable to the requirement of your application.

Package contents:
Delivered in transport packaging incl. floating fine plane table, standard probe tips Ø 6.5 mm for external measurements, standard probe tips Ø 4.5 mm for internal measurements, without display unit.

Appropriate accessories:
Accessories 135110

*Resolution depends on the display unit
** Accuracy only at a temperature of 20 ± 0.2 ° C
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