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Wiha 2835, torque screwdriver with digital display for interchangeable blades; can be conveniently adjusted in the printed range without extra tools using the adjusting wheel at the handle end. The torque that is set can be read immediately from the display on the handle. When the set torque is reached, the screwdriver releases with a clearly audible and tactile signal. With integrated "ClickControl" counting function that monitors all uses and prompts recalibration after 5000 uses by displaying "CAL" in the indicator. Individual calibration alarm cycles (e.g. 2000 uses) and engraving of your testing equipment number are possible on request. Precision ± 6% in accordance with EN ISO 6789. Possibility of displaying in Nm/in.lb or Ncm/in.oz. Ergonomic plastic-metal composite handle. Receptacle for blade inserts with 4 mm hexagon. Supplied with bit holder blade for 1/4" C 6.3 and E 6.3 bits, factory test certificate.

Appropriate accessories:
432030 Blade for hex socket cap screws WIHA
432040 Blade for TORX® screws WIHA Torque
432050 Blade for TORX PLUS® screws WIHA Torque Torque
432053 Blade with bit holder WIHA Torque Torque

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