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Wiha 2852 TorqueVario-S, torque continuously adjustable with setting tool (included in scope of supply). Ergonomic multi-component handle, extremely handy thanks to light and compact construction, hexagon socket 4 mm. Handle size optimally tailored for torque range. Click signal when the set torque value is reached. Accuracy ±6% according to DIN/ISO 6798 (model 0.1-0.6Nm under 0.3Nm = ±10%). Supplied with factory test certificate, in plastic case, without interchangeable blades.

Appropriate accessories:
432030 Blade for hex socket cap screws WIHA
432040 Blade for TORX® screws WIHA Torque
432050 Blade for TORX PLUS® screws WIHA Torque Torque
432053 Blade with bit holder WIHA Torque Torque

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